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A great thanks to Krista for her assistance with Translation

About angryWolf

With this site you can learn a lot about my interests. Here is the important part about me.

I was born in Aachen and moved in November 2006 to Gronau Westfalen.

I work as a gas and water plumber for a living.

I sometimes visit the ErotikChat4free

Of course there is some mad people there, so I have become the site operator.

You can find a link to Chat4Free in the menu.

My pets
Now, here is everything about my family members that have four legs.

My cat Mori i got in the summer of 2005. she is my newest addition. How he is seen in the picture...well, she trys to become one of the greatest mice hunters!

Since Christmas in 2004 i have had the rabbit "Klopfer" (The rabbit´s name in the german version of Disney´s "Bambi") Today he´s living by my former girl friend Elke.

Chica was visiting me regularly for 3 years. I had love´d taking her on strolls and long tours, mostly to the "Wurm" (small river in Aachen)